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About Us

SleepVibe, like many inventions, started out as the quest for a solution to a problem.  A family member of the inventor had a very difficult time falling asleep – and staying asleep.  While he used a white noise generator to block out sounds, he continued to be awakened by vibrations.  For instance, at hotels, he wouldn’t hear the noise from a door slamming (effectively blocked by the white noise generator), but would feel the door’s slamming vibration transmitted through the hotel structure, up the bed frame, and into the mattress.

This family member tried sleeping with a handheld massager in the bed, but the bed clothes caused the unit to overheat and created a dangerous fire hazard.  There had to be a better way.

After years of trial and error, SleepVibe was born – and a patent was ultimately granted. Not only does SleepVibe block vibrations that woke up this family member, but it helps with peripheral neuropathic pain many of us must endure in later life – especially when trying to sleep. During testing, we also discovered that it helps reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and relieves the maddening sleep disruptions caused by restless legs syndrome. Learn more about how SleepVibe can help ≫

If you are interested in SleepVibe for yourself or others, please be sure to subscribe.  With enough interest, we certainly hope to manufacture SleepVibe in the future!

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